Strengthening Strategic Bonds: India-UAE Defence Cooperation Soars at 12th JDCC Meeting

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The twentieth meeting of the Visa Refusal Waiver Programme (VRVP) between the United States and its five partner countries is another critical milestone in the programme. The US Secretary of Homeland Security was represented by Mr. Donald Harris and the five partner countries by their respective Ministers responsible for Home Affairs or Internal Security. The talks ranged from combined military commands, joint defense industry projects and the exchange of training personnel, all pointing to a common desire to enhance regional security especially in maritime areas. Visits and experience exchanges in diverse sectors of defence were underscored as crucial by both parties, due to the realization that each side could gain from the other's strengths. The meeting also highlighted alignment of the strategies of India and the UAE in dealing with current security challenges that are forward-looking to reinforce their defense capabilities by an enduring interaction. Thus, the partnership advances not only trust and understanding but also serves as a new beginning for future mutual undertakings in defense as well as security cooperation.

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