Bachelorette Jenn Episode-by-Episode SPOILERS

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Today is the only Wednesday column this season that probably won’t have “Reader Emails.” I didn’t get enough yesterday to warrant a column, and, I needed to get you your episode-by-episode spoilers for Jenn’s season in written form. BUT, tonight I’m going LIVE on my YouTube Channel (@RealitySteve24) at 8 EST/5 PST to do a breakdown of Jenn’s trailer for the season. Once that video is done, I’ll insert it into this column so you can follow along with placing guys in certain locations/dates, etc. So join me tonight as we dissect Jenn’s 4 minute trailer that played at the end of Monday’s episode. I’m guessing this live won’t take more than 20 minutes or so with the pauses and comments and what not. It … Continue reading →

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