About Vanquish Gaming


VanQuish Gaming, founded in 2014 by eSports industry professionals, is just that - an eSports and professional content creation organization focused on cultivating best-in-class talent to deliver superior results.

Through our core beliefs of community, culture, and cultivation we have our sights set on two goals: Building an eSports legacy and creating content that will have everyone tuning in.

The New vQ Legacy is Just Beginning

Under new ownership with experience driving multi-million dollar companies, corporate marketing experience and money to invest VanQuish is about to take a large leap into the growing eSports arena.  The new owners are looking to build a team that people are hungry to be on and eager to grind for.  Taking VanQuish to a level of respect that others have not been able to do. 

Pro eSports Teams

Our current rosters include Gears of War, Rainbow Six | Seige, Apex Legends we are playing a lot of Valorant and evaluating professional teams as well as a group of individual fighting game pro's who dominate in each of their games such as Mortal Kombat. WE have selected these games specifically for our ability to grow them and our fan base within them organically with some investments but are going to be laser focused on these games as our go to market strategy for 2020 and into 2021.

Content Creation Team

Our VanQuish Professional Content Creators and Streamers offer a plethora of content in a community that feels just like family. Our reason for coming together? It's to inspire and unite people using both gaming and streaming as a platform for togetherness. You can expect wild and wonderful Streamers - we have from the insanely skilled and high-tier competitive to the more casual and friendly gamer in our roster with radically different styles! Ranging from hilarious (and even hilariously offensive) to super competitive and serious as well as from warm and inviting to tight-knit communities, we're sure to have a Streamer for everyone! (We dare ya not to love 'em all, though.~)



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